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August 28th, 2007

09:44 pm - z00t.
"I essentially have $15 to my name for the next two Fridays," I think to myself.

But I have rice. Rice and chorizo. And bread - and milk and juice. Chicken, potatoes, pasta - with tomato sauce or pesto. Cucumber salad. Lots of peppers. Squash. Peanut butter! Raspberry preserves. Eggs and cheese. Almonds.

And zucchini always.

I have a warm bed. I have a red hibiscus. I have a fat cat. Purple towels and a warm shower. Clothes on my back and shoes on my feet. And yes, even a full tank of gas. I have great friends, and I have love.

I want for nothing.
Current Mood: sleepymu

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January 14th, 2007

11:11 pm - Nice web, Mr. Crack Spider!

I figured out how to post YouTube vids to my journal... go me! I can just-a shortcut the code 'ere and cut and paste there... voilà!
Current Mood: awakeyeeee!

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11:08 pm - Lazy Sunday
Good to be able to laze around today. For some reason I haven't been able to my fill of "blah days" lately. ;-P

I cleaned a bit, read, and putzed on the computer a good chunk of the day; Jesus did the same. We finally took a shower and headed out to the nearby indie theatres to take in a couple flicks - Pan's Labyrinth and Curse of the Golden Flower were planned - but for some reason the former was pushed back a week, and the Uptown had Letters from Iwo Jima playing instead. Crap. So for whatever insane reason we bolted the area entirely, and went to the Minnesota Zoo's IMAX theatre to see Night at the Museum - a very funny, silly, intentionally brainless romp. Melikes. ^_^

It finally snowed big time tonight - several fluffy inches, and enough to make driving treacherous. I almost spun out coming off an inclined exit ramp, but just zig-zagged Ferdi a couple times and made it through all clear. :-)
Current Mood: sleepy*yawn*

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January 13th, 2007

11:32 pm - Retail therapy
Probably the most notable thing of the day was the moment I got out of work and spent a few hours hunting for high-tech toys with bebi. We went to Kwan's to get some nummy Chinese first... the owners are getting quite used to seeing us by now, I'm sure. ;-) Love their pork fried rice, though I'm amazed at how little of their menu I've actually eaten. Tried a few things since, without disappointment. ^_^

Then off to Best Buy to hunt for high-def gadgetry and to try to goad the Magnolia home theatre guys into getting us a Pioneer Elite BD demo disc - it's got beautiful clips of Buena Vista films and some demo reels on it. Lovely. :-D

Dropped some boxes off at the house, and got a few groceries afterward. We tried our damndest to have enough energy to go see the Uptown Theatre's latest Saturday midnight offering - The Warriors - but alas, we must be getting old, because we're down and out by 11pm. ;-P
Current Mood: tiredtired

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January 12th, 2007

11:40 pm - Minutia in the finest...
And so, life goes ever on. Nothing exceptional happened today save for the Compaq crapping out on la madre again... which really isn't all that exceptional, come to think of it. ;-) Thus, after work Jesus and I trekked over there to give it a good kick, then made some spaghetti to sup on afterward. It's becoming increasingly draining to go over to that place.

I'm going to miss my spring violets. :-(
Current Mood: sleepymurr

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January 11th, 2007

10:12 pm - w00t.
Finally hauled out of the gilded cage and away from my mother's hobbling self. She's doing fairly well on her own now; it will be a week or two more until she can walk around with minimal external aid. Besides, I ain't gonna be the only one of her three kids to look after her. I hate being altruistic. >_<

Anyhoo, papito arrived this afternoon! He's exhausted (in fact, the cute creature is sleeping behind me at the moment), but at least he got here without a hitch, unlike the 22-hour delay of the last plane trip. :-p Now I can relax a bit; there's lots to do at the house (and still a mess of boxes to sift through at Si's place), and of course there's my wonderful job to brave through. But for the moment, it's just Jesus 'N Me! *cue hokey sitcom jingle*

Amazingly, the hibiscus I left for two weeks or so without water was still alive when I got back from the house... gave it some elixir o' life and it perked right up! It probably won't produce any flowers for about 17 years now, but oh well. I have the pretty label to look at. ;-D
Current Mood: contentcontent

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January 10th, 2007

11:32 pm - And then... there was silence.
"All things considered, it will only take a few tens of thousands of years at most before almost every trace of our present dominance has vanished completely. Alien visitors coming to Earth 100,000 years hence will find no obvious signs that an advanced civilisation ever lived here." ~New Scientist

I often have strongly philanthropic daydreams of salvaging this miserable race and its environment so we could live in a more natural state. Without running ourselves ragged and taking down every last living thing with us. I have understood for quite some time that the planet we inhabit would keep on keepin' on despite the worst we throw at it... it's just the health, well-being, and spiritual integrity of our species that is at stake. However, if the planet could heal itself that fast after our demise - and be that apathetic to our plight - I find it extremely difficult not to do the same thing. -_-

I really shouldn't watch television... it's bad for the blood. Sometimes I wonder how la madre can take so much of it without her brain being boiled by this point.
Current Mood: cynicalcynical

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